Weekly OOTD Round-Up

As of last week I’ve been out of my weird funk and it feels good to be back! I think the worst thing about feeling off or being in a funk is that you often don’t realize you’re feeling off until later. I had a pretty great weekend- it seems to be much longer than just 2 days (isn’t it usually the other way around?). On Saturday I had some great vegan pizza with friends at the Virtuous Pie, followed by an evening of wine, pastries and X-files. Jacob and I also binged the first season of The Sinner on Netflix in 3 days. What a great show! It’s crazy suspenseful with some very unexpected plot twists. On Sunday we had a dinner and a movie day date. Do you ever go to the movies during the day? I always saw it as an evening activity, but it’s kind of nice that if you see a movie early on, there’s still some time left in the day. We watched Three Identical Strangers documentary at the Rio Theatre followed by some burgers at The Cannibal Cafe on Commercial Drive. I guess if I had to give my weekend a name, it’ would be “Carbs & Crime Shows”.

Here's what I wore to work last week: 



Dynamite dress, Ralph Lauren jacket, Urban Outfitters hat, Zara purse, sweater bought at Winners



Brandy Melville shirt, American Eagle corduroy overalls, Zara trench, Blundstone boots, 8th&Main Scarf



Zara jacket & skirt, 8th&Main scarf, Blundstone boots



Aritzia Wilfred shirt, 8th&Main coat, BDG jeans, Blundstone boots

*My fave outfit of the week. It’s so simple, but I love the clean lines and how comfy it is.



Trunk LTD second-hand shirt, Zara jacket, Aritzia Community pants, Blundstone boots