SoCal So Cool

Do you ever put on an outfit, look in the mirror and feel like “Yeah, this is what I can wear every single day and feel amazing!”. It was this outfit for me. I liiiiveeee for the warm 70’s colour palette, wide-leg pants and corduroy. I actually wanted to buy this Gap jacket last year, but I waited too long and my size sold out. Jacob then shamelessly bought one in his size. This totally infuriated me - to see him wearing the thing I desperately wanted every day.. the nerve!! This year the jacket came back in this beautiful pink colour so I bought it right away ( and with 40% off - ya girl is all about those sale prices!!) This jacket was clearly meant to be mine, and I don’t care that Jacob and I look like we are in some kind of corduroy-and-jeans band. I love it!


This outfit made me imagine fall in mid-70’s in Southern California skate park. I think if I suddenly got teleported there in this outfit, I’d fit in just fine. If only I knew how to ride a skateboard, these pics could have been much cooler!