Where There's Smoke...

Since eighth grade until basically last spring I’ve always used only one perfume (Amor Amor by Cacharel). I decided that I am no longer a person I was back then (otherwise I’d still be rocking a very unfortunate shag haircut lol), and that I deserve a new scent!

Since then I’ve been using mainly Glossier You and sometimes this one, when I wanted something more punchy.

 As the cooler weather settles in, I find myself reaching more for warm, musky and heavier scents. Once again I was browsing UO on my lunch and found this MX Smoke Perfume. I couldn’t find it online, so if you wanna smell it, you’d have to make a trip to your local Urbies Outies.

 I’ve been very into unisex (every time I say “unisex” I can’t help but think of this Friends scene) scents lately, in fact Glossier You is a bit androgynous but on a lighter side, better for spring/summer. MX Smoke perfume has a rich woodsy-smoky scent, a great pay off for just one spritz and lasts a very long time. Jacob saw it on the bathroom counter and asked if it was mine (we are currently living at a friend’s place until we move). I suspect he is sneaking a spritz here and there when I’m not looking. I’m not mad though, it was only $24 so it’s very affordable. I love the idea of having a bunch of inexpensive perfumes you can change up depending on your mood, time of year or no reason at all!