Anya's Closet Hall of Fame

Items of clothing I’ve Owned for Years and Intend to Keep wearing until they fall off my back


I, unfortunately, can easily succumb to the appeal of the newest trends and contribute to the overconsumption that plagues our society. Sigh..However! I have been trying to shop more sustainably ( taking care of my clothes so they last longer, shopping locally, trying to shop more for the “investment pieces” as opposed to fast fashion). There are a few items in my closet that I’ve had for years and have been consistently reaching for when getting dressed. Some might not consider them to be wardrobe staples, but I’ve constantly found ways to style them in different ways, and I just feel good wearing them! Here are the top 5 items in my closet:

American Apparel Sweater (Bought 4 years ago)

This sweater was an impulse buy while on a trip to Portland and it ended up being one of my most beloved items of clothing! It’s 100% cotton and is incredibly comfortable and well-made. It’s super versatile and I’ve worn it out to dinner as well as while sitting by a bonfire at the beach.

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American Eagle Overalls (Bought 4 years ago)

Bought on a whim one cold fall day. Worn every fall/winter since. My friends told me I dress like a 5 year old but I stuck with it and have no regrets. :P

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Zara Leather Jacket (Bought 2 years ago)

Ok, this is technically not that old. But before this jacket I had another one from H&M, that I bought for $30 and wore all the time until it started actually peeling and had to be thrown away. This one was about $70 and the quality is amazing! Seriously, if you’re on the hunt for a good faux leather jacket, Zara has amazing quality options that will last a very long time. A leather jacket (I keep saying “leather” but it’s definitely not real with my budget lol) is such a staple, and I’ll always choose it over any other outerwear option!

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Zara Corduroy Skirt (Bought 3 years ago)

I’ve always been drawn to 70’s fashion and, naturally, anything corduroy. A few years back Zara had a 70’s inspired collection and I was shopping for my first ever office job. I’ve always tried to avoid wearing regular office attire at all costs and this skirt was much more appealing to me than any black pencil skirt… Since then I’ve worn it any time of the year, with sweaters, tank tops, t-shirts, you name it. I fear this baby is on it’s way out though because the fabric got a bit worn out on the butt and it’s losing it’s shape. I love it so much though, so unless I find a perfect replacement, I’ll wear it till it disintegrates.

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Aritzia T-shirt (Bought about 5 years ago)

I was 21 and wanted a “cool edgy band tee” without knowing where that said tee can be sourced from. I wasn’t really into second-hand and vintage shopping back then so I did what I knew best - went to Aritzia. Surprisingly this shirt ended up being one of my favourite things! I love the design - it doesn’t seem too cheesy. It used to be much longer, so I cropped and tied it. Also washing it repeatedly faded it so nicely and made it super soft. By now it feels like an actual vintage tee! Aritzia is a far cry from “vintage”, but hey, in a couple decades this shirt actually might be ;)

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