My 10 Best Purchases of 2018

I feel like this year I’ve made some really great purchases that are more “for keeps” rather than “wear-once-and-throw-away” kind of things. I’ve been shopping smarter and definitely find quality more appealing than quantity. 2018 was a great year in many ways, shopping included! I decided to compile a little list of the things that I enjoyed most, and with Boxing Day coming up, perhaps you could enjoy too:)


1. TNA The Superpuff goose down puffer jacket

Since Jacob and I decided to move to the East Cost, this was the jacket of my dreams! It looks so effortlessly cool and goes well with anything. I ordered it the minute we bought our one-way tickets to Montreal and was amazed at how luxurious it looked when it came in the mail. The fabric is velvety smooth and at first feels almost too thin, I was afraid to rip it. After wearing it for a while though, it proved to be very durable. I’ve gotten numerous compliments on it while wearing it around and it is indeed super warm. So far I’t hasn’t been colder than -15C, but wearing it with just a thin turtleneck under kept me toasty. It hits right below the butt, so it still keeps you warm in all the important places without looking too bulky. I was a bit indecisive about the colour, and instinctively went for black at first, but after thinking about it for a bit, I decided that black might be “too wintery” and gloomy. I love the colour I got - Modern Taupe, it feels sophisticated and cozy. One last thing to note, I’d recommend to size down as this jacket is very roomy.


2. Yoso Unswetened Premium Creamy Cultured Coconut Yogurt

I’ve already raved about this yogurt in my past post, and I still stand by my opinion (that it’s delicious). I don’t necessarily stay away from dairy (I eat roughly a block of cheese a week), but I just love the taste of this yogurt. The unsweetened one became my daily breakfast at work - I would just buy a big tub of it and eat it every morning with some fresh berries. I am also a huge fan of the chocolate one, but it’s so decadent that I can only justify eating it a couple times a week. It’s a bit of an indulgence at $7 for a container (the prices vary depending on where you’re shopping but they are all roughly the same), but I think it’s worth it!

3. The Ordinary skincare

The Ordinary has been on every beauty Instagram/ blog/ website for a while with everyone raving about the price and the quality of the products. I decided to see for myself and was shocked at how affordable everything was (only $6.80 per item!). I like their “no frills” approach to skincare and the price was definitely the deciding factor when I stocked up at at their Metrotown location. I got their Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG, and Retinol 1% in Squalane, that I use daily in that exact order. After a few weeks I’ve noticed dramatic changes in my skin - it became smoother with less defined pores and overall looked healthy and hydrated. I’ve been using less foundation and concealer since I started using this brand and I’m very pleased with it!

4. Blundstone boots

I am officially a part of the cool club! I bought these also because of our move. In Vancouver you can get away with wearing Converse sneakers or flimsy cheap boots from Forever 21 all winter. Here, however, with the cold and the snow and the crazy toll all the salt takes on the footwear, I had to get something a bit more sturdy that would take the abuse and come out looking ready to party. I’ve been wearing mine since the beginning of September, but just in the last couple of weeks grew to love them with all my heart. They seem to be impossible to destroy and go well with all of my outfits. I went for the Chisel Toe style in Black, so they are a bit more dainty than the classic once. I’m planning on wearing them out with my festive dresses and tights for holiday outings this season.


5. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 4

I just got this baby a week ago and I am so in love! I’ve been dreaming about having one of the Hourglass palettes since forever, but they cost a pretty penny that I just couldn’t justify spending on makeup. I got a Sephora gift card as my going away gift from my work and also had a VIB promo code, so I managed to snag this one with only paying a little bit out of my own pocket. I originally wanted the Unlocked Palette, but it was sold out and I am not the most patient of people. I am so happy with the one I got - it truly makes you look like you got a filter on in real life (and you can still hashtag #nofilter and it won’t be lying!). It gives my face this subtle glow “from within” and just makes my skin look luminous and healthy.


6. Lush Fresh Farmacy Facial Soap

I’ve been using this soap for about a year and it’s rivalling with Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser for my favourite cleanser. It is very creamy and soothing due to calamine powder, chamomile, rose and lavender so it’s great for sensitive skin. It also helps to tame breakouts with tee tree oil. I like to buy about 100g of it at a time and cut off a small piece to keep in my Lush tin to use in the shower. Once I run out, I just cut off another piece, and this way it lasts me for a while.

7. Eat smart Gourmet Vegetable Salad Kits

Jacob and I buy these salads at least a few times a week; they’re really great for when you don’t have time (or don’t want to) be cooking anything elaborate but also don’t want to resort to eating crap. Our favourite is the Wild Greens & Quinoa with Avo Herb Dressing. We make it a lot, usually on the side of some crispy baked chicken wings. I would also buy a bag for work sometimes and just bring some kind of protein, and in a matter of minutes you can have a tasty healthy lunch. I loathe going out for lunch while at work so this was a real life saver for those occasions where I forgot to bring a lunch.

8. Sodastream

Technically this was not a purchase I made, I got this as a gift from Jacob on my birthday. I decided to include it in this list because sooner or later I’d definitely buy it - it’s one of my favourite things I own! I hate drinking water because still water tastes bad to me, but when it’s fizzy I can guzzle litres of it without even realizing what I’m doing. I love adding different fruits and berries to infuse my fizzy water and it can also come in handy when making cocktails ;)


9. Batiste dry shampoo

I first started to use this shampoo last winter and was AMAZED at how great it worked. This is also one of those great products that are very affordable with a great payoff. If we talked at least once in the last year I am sure I’ve told you about my struggle with growing out my bangs (I honestly don’t now how I survived that). It was in this awful stage where it’s not really short anymore, but can’t be tucked behind the ear yet, and I hate any kind of hair in my eyes so to sum it up, I was having a bad hair day every single day. I tried the Ultimate Volume Boost dry shampoo and it gave my hair this crazy 80’s volume, with hair that was pliable and not at all greasy. It turned my mangled bangs into this sexy retro-ey looking situation that was like a breath of fresh air. Now that I’m out of the woods with my bangs fully grown, I use the Original one. It makes my hair feel freshly washed even on the greasiest of days, and even after hot yoga!


10. Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich

Last but most definitely not least-best purchase to conclude this list! I’m already a fan of Glossier’s regular Priming Moisturizer - it smells delicious and makes you look dewy, but not oily. Since I now live in a place with a real winter, I decided to go for it’s more decadent friend. It is very dense (like clotted cream - great on scones), smells kinda like a meadow and makes me feel rich and fancy af when I use it. My skin gets extremely dry in the cold so it’s been a true life saver. I use it day and night, and my only wish is for it to come in a bigger jar. I am almost half way done with the one I got in October!

Alright, this is it for my best purchases of the year! Happy shopping and I’d love to know what you bought this year that deserves a mention.