Life Update From Montreal

It’s been officially a week since Jacob and I became Quebecois!

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It feels like at least a month has passed, and I can’t believe only a week ago we were just arriving in Montreal. The first couple of days were a bit disorienting, especially since neither of us are working/ in school until January. It’s crazy how when you’re working full-time, all you really want is free time and once you get it, it’s so overwhelming to have so many opportunities to do whatever you want that it’s actually a bit stressful! Well, in the last few days we have established our own little routines. After all, humans are creatures of habit and it definitely helps me feel more at home. One of these habits is making an actual hearty breakfast every morning (something that was done maaaybe once a week back in Vancouver). I signed up for an unlimited yoga membership for a month, and Jacob got a gym pass for himself. I am truly enjoying our free time now! I love that I can go to yoga in the middle of the day, then take my time wandering back home, stopping on the way at cute grocery stores to pick up some snacks and taking pictures of the countless murals around the city.

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We’ve definitely been living like we’re on vacation most of our first week here, but now that we officially got our last remaining paychecks from our old jobs, we’ve been reminded that we can’t just go around cafes eating out every day and should be frugal with our money. It’s kind of fun finding new ways of being savvy with our limited budget. I’ll write a post about this once we’ve been here for some time.

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I’m still adjusting to my new life here, so I might not be posting very frequently, and I don’t want to post just for the sake of posting. This feels like a big transition in my life and I want this creative outlet to reflect my true self.

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For now, that’s all I got, but here are some fun things I’ve noticed since moving here:

  • Grocery prices are amazing here! I’m talking a bag of 5 avocados costs $3.50. Also raspberries are $1.99, which is unheard of. Also there are many small, local grocery stores where you can get stuff in quantities small enough for just one meal, like $3 worth of beef, or a tiny piece of cheese. It’s quite different from Vancouver, where you would mostly shop in large supermarkets where you buy enough beef to feed a village.

  • People smoke here so much! Everyone is smoking cigarettes… When we were waiting in line to get a cab at the airport, almost everyone in the line lit up as soon as they were outside. I suppose Vancouver is similar with weed, but it was just so surprising after living in Vancouver where you rarely see people smoking (unless you’re an unfortunate soul who happens to be walking down Granville Street on a Friday night).

  • You rarely get offered a bag when grocery shopping unless you ask for one, and then it’s not free. Vancouver is slowly getting on board with that, but here it' seems to be an unspoken rule that everyone follows. My environment-loving heart is full with joy that I am now forced to carry a reusable bag with me at all times. That was my goal back home, but it’s easy to forget when you know it’s not really frowned upon.

  • People are not mean to you when you say you don’t speak French, as countless people have warned me before moving here. Maybe I’ve been lucky so far, but everyone is generally very friendly and just switches to English, even if they don’t speak it that well.

That’s it for now, but I am sure there will be more as I spend more time here.

Bisou Bisou,


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