New Sustainable Brand Discovery

Love Beauty & Planet

I've been on a lookout for a new shampoo lately since I've been having bad hair days for about a year now ( growing out very thick bangs sucks). I mean shampoo doesn't necessarily change your life but if you're a person with long hair, you can't deny that when you get new hair products your hopes for a grand transformation are high af. 

I first noticed cute Love Beauty & Planet bottles at Shoppers Drug Mart and was instantly drawn by the package design (Bonus: It's fully recyclable!) and the smell. Now if you're not into strong smells, this might not be for you. I personally love it when I notice how good my  hair smells throughout the day!

What's really neat about LB&P is that all of their products contain ethically and sustainably-sourced ingredients. Their products are 100% vegan, organic and paraben-free.

There were 3 scents available  and I ended up going with Blooming Colour Shampoo infused with murumuru butter and Bulgarian rose petal oil. My hair has been treated with one of those semi-permanent dyes a while ago but the scent was really what hooked me in. I've been using it for a few weeks and really like it so far! It doesn't seem to be doing anything magical to my hair, but the fact that it is such a sustainable product in so many ways is pretty magical on its own.