A Bad Case of the Mondays

Some Mondays are worse than others. After a long day of feeling like the world is against you, Jacob and I usually feel back in our element when we spend some time cooking together. By "cooking" I don't mean anything fancy, it could be just a simple pasta dish or a cheese plate. It's the process that really counts, and it’s become our little ritual on weekdays. We don’t just try to scramble up something quick, even if we're super hungry. We have some wine, maybe a snack, and take the time to cook together while catching up on each other’s day. It’s become such a valuable bonding time for the two of us. We can really vent and open up and it doesn’t feel too dramatic since we're still just making  dinner. By the time dinner's ready we've usually vented sufficiently, and are feeling ready to settle in for a nice relaxing evening.  What do you do when you or your loved one has had a particularly grueling day?