Period Perfect with ElleBox

I'm very diligent about what I put on my face and in my body (the "body" part is somewhat questionable, but hey I'm trying). Lately I've been thinking why am I not paying the same attention to what kind of feminine hygiene products I am using? I'm a devoted tampon girl (pads make me feel like a frog in a this tmi?), however, they've been known to contain pesticides and chlorine that can be easily absorbed by the vaginal tissue, which some suspect can lead to health issues with prolonged use. There is no federal regulation to disclose the full list of ingredients used in making feminine hygiene products off the shelves, so you never really know what can be lurking in them. 

Every month I tell myself that I will get organic tampons and be more conscientious about that, but when the period strikes, I usually just scramble to get the first thing I see at the store and end up with another industrial size box of tamps.  

This month I decided to prepare in advance and try ElleBox. It's a monthly subscription where you can get The Essential Box  with a mix of 20 organic pads and / or tampons for $10, or a Comfort Box for $35. On top of your choice of pads and / or tampons, the Comfort Box also includes chocolate, tea and 2 self care gifts.  It's a subscription service, but you can skip a month or cancel any time, no questions asked.


I got my first box last week and it felt like some kind of Period Christmas! I decided to go all in and sign up for the Comfort Box. The two self-care items this month included a full size Elements Botanicals Flora Natural Deodorant and the Cleansing Oil. Both of the products smell delicious and I am especially surpsised with the deodorant. I've tried a few natural deodorants, and let me tell you, some of them can't rise to the challenge. This one left me smelling decent even after a hard workout on a hot day!


Overall, I am quite happy with my first ever subscription box experience, and already can't wait for my next period ( who would have thought?! haha) I also want to mention that it is a Vancouver- based  company and I love supporting local businesses as much as I can!

You can try ElleBox for yourself, with the first box at 50% off! Click here to get it (use code HELLO50). 


What kind of feminine hygiene products do you use? I've always wanted to try DivaCup but never have the courage to...I'm open to suggestions and feedback though! Maybe one day I'll be bold enough to rock period pants like my feminist kween lliana.


PS: If you do decide to give ElleBox a try, I will get a teeeeny commission off each sale. However, I would never advertise anything I don't support personally. Just a little transparency for ya :)