Polka Dots & Pasta

Last week Jacob's parents were visiting for a few days to take us out for an early birthday dinner. I wore one of my many polka dot dresses and black fuzzy heels. Polka dot pattern has become an obsession for me... I can wear polka dot pieces from my closet for a week straight without wearing anything twice! As far as I'm concerned it's a neutral. I only ever wear heels if I know I'll be basically just walking to the car and back. Don't know how I used to go out before in sky high stilettos until 2am (also I can't imagine being out until 2am anymore, because my bed time is usually around 10pm these days). 

We went to Cin Cin, an Italian restaurant downtown, and stuffed our faces with an amazing 3 course meal. Jacob and I never really have such extravagant dinners because a) it ain't cheap and b) you are what you eat, and we would actually resemble buttered bread rolls if we ate this way often enough. It felt very special though and it was nice to spend time with family. I also had the most delicious prawn tortellini with shaved  truffle. YUM.

My actual birthday is this week and we'll be doing something much more laid back... perhaps a picnic in the park. Do you usually  go all out on your birthday or take it easy?

Dynamite dress & heels, Zara faux leather jacket ( similar ), H&M  head scarf  and purse

Dynamite dress & heels, Zara faux leather jacket (similar), H&M head scarf and purse