Birthday Thoughts

Timing is everything.

As in your own timing is everything. As I turn 26,  it feels as if I'm stepping into this new territory where I can confidently say that I have some valid opinions, useful knowledge, and can make decisions with less doubt in myself. I haven't always felt this way. In fact, I've been feeling kind of lost in the past few years and lacking confidence when it came to expressing myself freely.  I've strived so hard to meet someone else's standards, live according to someone else's timeline, and go after things when I knew I wasn't ready for them.

I feel like the saying "Good things come to those who wait" has gotten sort of a negative connotation in the social media, and has been promptly replaced by "Good things come to those who hustle". I can strongly agree with both those statements, even though I made the latter my mantra for some time. At this point in my life I can see, however, that no matter how hard you "hustle" if you're not mentally ready for it and just doing things to tick your or someone else’s box, nothing good will come from it. Often enough you just end up with feelings of anxiety and resentment, mainly for yourself. So as I start this new chapter of my life feeling optimistic and in line with my own desires and goals, I want to remember this feeling. I might not feel this way for the rest of the year (I'm almost sure I won't since you know... shit happens), but I’ll try to remember the way it feels and hold on to it when I need to.

Happy Birthday to my fellow Geminis, hope we all have an amazing year! xx