Friday Favourite

My top 10 podcasts:

from beautifying to TERRIFYING

I discovered podcasts back when I had an iPhone and finally decided to explore the purpose of  that mysterious purple button. The first ever podcast I listened to was season 1 of Serial. I finished it in just a couple of days, and since then have discovered plenty of interesting, educational, terrifying and exciting podcasts . I’d like to share my top 10 with you:



Ahh…THE favourite one. I love me a gruesome murder story, and when it’s told by the infinitely charming Karen and Georgia, it makes me feel like less of a creep for wanting to know every last detail. Did their head get fully chopped off? Was it hanging by a thread? When was the body discovered? You’ll get your answers in a less than orderly fashion if you stick around. PS: I took this Buzzfeed quiz and I’m a 100% Georgia.



One of my two favourite beauty podcasts made by women comedians Esther and Caroline where they discuss all things beauty and wellness. They challenge each other to take on weekly missions, like drinking lemon water in the morning or experimenting with face wash formulas, and I find myself taking on these fun little challenges with them.

glowing up.jpeg


Made by comedian/singer/actress Jackie Johnson, who I personally find incredibly relatable and an all-around fun lady. My wallet took a major hit since I started listening to Natch Beaut last summer, but hey, it got me to VIB Rouge level. I admit, I’m a Sephora- whora.

600x600bb (1).jpg


Another wonderfully weird one. Very NSFW. Really, I once accidentally pressed play at work and regretted it immensely. Lot’s of swearing, lots of very crude dark humour. Topics ranging from black magic, to high profile killers, to creepy AF cults. These guys don’t shy away from gruesome details, so if you’re squeamish, skip this one. LP on the Left is mine and Jacob’s favourite for long road trips.



This one is great for when you’re full of ideas and need to feel inspired.  My personal favorite was this episode with Yvon Chouinard, the creator of Patagonia. It's incredible how many amazing ventures blossomed from humble beginnings. Listen to it when you're launching that website of yours, trying to summon up some courage to follow-up on an interview for a dream job, or simply when you need that extra push to feel like you too can make it in this world.



She Does is another very inspiring podcast, that aired a few years ago and is unfortunately over now, but you can still listen to the past episodes. It explored the careers and paths of women in creative industries and how they got where they are today. I love the episode featuring Katja Blichfeld, the creator of High Maintenance, which if you haven’t watched, I definitely recommend.


7. Lore

Lore is a podcast about true scary stories where it explores weird, terrifying and unexplainable events of history. Aaron Mahnke, the host of the podcast, tells the stories in a way they could be told at dusk by the camp fire. His whispery narrative has the power to transport you to another world. The first time I ever listened to Lore, I was doing some last minute Christmas shopping a couple of years ago. I was so captivated by the story, that it completely drowned out the buzz of the shopping crowd. The snow was coming down pretty heavy and all together it was a perfect setting for this podcast. I'd like to suggest you listen to it when it's gloomy outside. This would not go down well poolside.


Here's an interesting one. Reply All is a podcast about how people shape the Internet, and how the Internet shapes people. The topics are as wide as the World Wide Web itself, and after each episode  I'm always left with a profound feeling like I'm just a spec in the universe, and any information I put out there is simultaneously life changing and completely irrelevant.


The only fictional podcast that made my list ( I suppose Lore is fiction as well, but I tend to be drawn to documentary-style podcasts). Again, a bit of a spooky one. Very entertaining, even though I find it a little too scripted at times. When I first discovered it, I went on a 2 week long binge until I was having dreams about it. Recommend if you are hungry for some Creepy Pasta.


Last but not least- Millennial. A podcast that I discovered while going through a very tough time in my life a wile back, trying to figure myself out. It explores what it means to be in your early 20's, trying to navigate life transitioning from a predictable  school life to an unexpectedly daunting work life, and finding fulfillment in what you do. All that plus juggling relationships, paying bills and surviving in an "adult world". Needless to say, I was hooked from the first episode.

As for the streaming platform, now that I use a Samsung phone, I download episodes on Stitcher as well as Spotify. Spotify is great,  but unfortunately, not every podcast is available on it. Stitcher isn't as easy to use, but you can also download episodes and save them for later.

I'm always, always looking for new podcast recos so if you have a great one in mind drop me a line here or on Instagram!