Do You Go On Picnics?

On my second day back from Russia, Jacob and I had a day off together and since I was pretty jet lagged, I didn't wanna do anything too taxing. It was such a beautiful day, so I just couldn't justify staying cooped up in our muggy apartment. We decided to take a quick 10 minute drive down to Deer Lake Park for a little picnic. We lounged on a new pinic blanket I got at Winners (best place to find one if you're in the market for a picnic blanket... or literally anything) and had some watermelon, sandwiches and lemonade. We didn't have to drive or walk too far and just brought the food that we picked up on a whim, but it felt like we were still doing something special. There's something about eating on a blanket outside that makes it a lot more of an adventure than if we had those same sandwiches on the couch at home. This makes me think of my childhood and how my granny would always pack some food with us if we were going to the beach or the botanical gardens. Having a small picnic always turns a walk in the park into actual plans!

PS: Once we settled on our blanket, the forest around us felt too serene to disrupt it with all the picture-taking, but I did get Jacob to snap a few pics of my picnic-perfect outfit. Wearing those sweet mary janes made me feel like I was in a Wes Anderson movie (particularly thinking of Moonrise Kingdom - my personal favourite)! They have a serious "I just turned 5" vibe to them, but when styled right can add a whimsical note to an outfit.