The Secret to Looking Perfectly Undone

Last week I went to an event with an open bar, which I took full advantage of and ended up having about 6 or 7 glasses of Pinot Grigio. Only when I was home did I realize that I was positively plastered, but I still managed to shower and wash my hair (I was on a 5-day dry shampoo bender so it had to be done).

The next morning was expectedly rough, and I dreaded even thinking about getting out of bed, not to mention making myself look presentable. As I was straightening my hair I had to take frequent breaks (my body was feeling less like a temple and more like a garbage truck) and was doing a pretty bad job, which left my hair only partially straight. I slapped on lots and lots of moisturizer to try to make myself seem fresh, hydrated and like I had slept a solid 8 hours. Then I did the bare minimum of make-up just to look less like a zombie. I decided to step it up a bit from pjs (since, you know, I'm getting ready to face society) and put on some highwaisted blue jeans and a white tee. After some consideration I also added a gold necklace to spruce it up a bit. That morning we also had to pack for the weekend as we were leaving to visit Jacob's parents in Comox. Needless to say, we were rushing. As I was running out the door, I realized I didn't have any hair ties  so I quckly grabbed the first thing I saw, which turned out to be a velvet pink scrunchie. 

The first part of the day at work was actual hell - not too sure how I got through it. However, once I started feeling better, I noticed I actually had a look going on! My hair had that perfect toussled look, my face was fresh without any makeup and I forgot to wear a belt, which kind of made the outfit look more spontaneous. I always envy girls who have such a nonchalant way of dressing but end up looking like a million bucks. I often feel like my outfits are a bit too coordinated and like I'm missing some "unintentionality" factor (Oh this old thing? It was the first thing I grabbed from the closet, thanks!). I feel like I finally achieved it today! In no way do I suggest getting shit-faced on wine ( It was not my proudest moment, but hey, open bar), but maybe there's something about not planning out every last detail of your look and making sure each hair strand lies in place.

After all, Coco Chanel did famously say “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”. I'm going to think about this now whenever I get dressed. Also I'm going to remind myself that if there's an open bar, maybe I should stop at 5 glasses of wine.