Yellow Mellow Summer

Ahh I'm finally back home after being away for a month visiting family in Russia! While it's definitely been nice not working for a whole month and being basically spoon fed delicious Russian foods by my granny, there's truly no place like home.

I'm also super stoked to get back to this blog! I know I could have been posting this whole time while I was away... I even brought my laptop. But at the last minute I decided to take a break and just DO NOTHING for a month. When else will I get to experience such a luxury!?

On another note, when I got to Russia and opened my suitcase I realized that 75% of all the clothes I brought were in various shades of yellow, ranging from mustard to sunflower or even light camel. It looks like everyone is obsessed with wearing yellow this summer! I want to think I'm somewhat independent in my fashion choices and just wear what I like, but let's be honest - I never once owned anything yellow until I saw it popping up everywhere on Instagram. Makes me feel like I should try more things on my own even if it's something as small as getting a colourful piece of clothing in lieu of my usual choice of neutrals.

Zara ribbed tee, BDG mom jeans, Forever21 sandals,  YBOH  purse

Zara ribbed tee, BDG mom jeans, Forever21 sandals, YBOH purse


And here are just some other random pictures I've found of myself wearing yellow. As it turns out, I favour particularly this one yellow Zara t-shirt. I couldn't find it online anymore, but here are some nice alternatives like this cropped tank,  a graphic tee & a mock-neck option. I do have a whole bunch of other yellow stuff, so I guess I should branch out a bit...