Weekly OOTD Round-Up

I’m always caught between my desire to be a minimalist or a maximalist in the way I dress. I’ve come to terms with never being a true minimalist as I need to be wearing at least a few pieces of jewelry at a time (just like I always have to have some knickknacks in my home). However, I feel most comfortable when I’m wearing a few simple, good quality items that feel good on my body and aren’t either too tight or too lose. For this exact reason I am absolutely in love with turtlenecks! It’s such a versatile base piece - I can layer one under a summer dress, a big sweater for extra warmth, or just wear it with a skirt for a simple and sexy silhouette. This week I managed to strike that perfect comfy/sexy balance with my Wednesday outfit. This is the type of outfit I’d wear to work, a date night afterwards, or a hangout with friends. I’m generally a fan of covered up top/ bare legs look because it never looks overly sexy and leaves more to the imagination.

That being said, if you’re following along my outfit round-ups, prepare for an abundance of turtlenecks in the coming months!

Here's what I wore to work last week: 

(Monday we had off because of the long weekend)



Dynamite turtleneck, Levis denim shirt (I found it left behind at one of my old apartments), Zumiez pants, Zara shoes



Dynamite turtleneck, Zara corduroy skirt & flats

*My fave outfit of the week!



vintage silk blouse, BDG jeans, H&M scarf, Zara purse



Born A Bad Seed sweater, American Apparel skirt, New Balance shoes