A Pop of Colour

I was a pretty colourful girl in my teens. I had American Apparel silver leggings, a bright red cardigan and yellow shoes in my frequent rotation. (Fun Fact: Jacob and I went to the same high school, but never really talked due to mutual shyness. When we started dating years later, he said that my silver leggings is what initially sparked his interest.) Eventually I started to feel like my sense of style was a bit much, and I wanted to fit in as much as possible with the rest of the kids. Naturally I bought a pair of fake UGGs (Dear God…), a cropped puffer jacket (with a ratty faux fur lined hood obvi) and a bunch of neutral basics. That ensemble got me through the rest of high school, but things started to change as I was growing up. Right now I feel the most comfortable I have in years in my own skin, and want to own my style. I don’t really care if someone thinks it’s silly or too much. Once again, I’ve embraced headscarves and slick faux-leather pants! Although I do have some trouble straying from neutral colours and earth tones, especially in the cooler months. I’ve been really wanting to change that lately and started small – with a forest green scarf.

8th & Main  scarf  (also comes in  burnt orange ), American Eagle overalls, Brandy Melville shirt, Zara trench, Urban Outfitters  scrunchie , Hunt of Hounds  signet ring

8th & Main scarf (also comes in burnt orange), American Eagle overalls, Brandy Melville shirt, Zara trench, Urban Outfitters scrunchie, Hunt of Hounds signet ring

I suppose green is still pretty tame, but I haven’t owned a scarf that wasn’t black, nude-brown or grey in years, so this is a big deal! This summer was also the first time in years when I really stocked up on colourful clothes and I had so much fun styling different colour combos.  When I was buying this scarf I also picked up a bright yellow toque for when winter really hits – can’t wait to be a colourful spot in the sea of black!

Do you wear colours? Which ones do you like the best?