Friday Favourite

Go Green

Have you noticed that lately drugstore makeup brands became good enough to rival its high end opponents? Well, many of them have! With that, however, the price of usually cheap drugstore makeup also rose. In the past when I wanted a variety or couldn’t decide on a shade, I’d buy multiples of the same product from London Drugs or Shoppers. Now I’d have to think twice before going on a haul.

 A few months ago I was going to an art show, and was in a particularly adventurous mood. I’ve been lusting after this lipstick (in Midnight Wasabi) for a while, but wasn’t ready to shell out $23 on anything other than a pinky-nude or a classic red shade. This is when I came across Essense Makeup. It’s a German cruelty-free make-up brand with very attractive prices (I’m talking better than NYX prices).


I picked up this Metal Shock lipstick in Venom for just $4.99! It glided on very smoothly and stayed put throughout the night with minor touch-ups. The shimmer made some room for mistakes, which was nice, as I lack precision when applying makeup.

I also grabbed a Kajal Pencil in Teddy for $1.49. It’s a deep mocha brown shade and I used it as a lip liner to make the shimmer in the green lipstick stand out more. I use it now on both my eyes and my lips for a cool 90’s monochromatic look.


Since then I’ve purchased many of their lip liners that I use as lipsticks, and a few other small things that haven’t disappointed. This brand really got me reminiscing of my highs school drugstore makeup hauls!

/Now to be totally honest, the website prices are in USD, but somehow this brand is always on sale at Shoppers, so I basically ended up paying the same amount in Canadian./